2015 Intervention refugee park : Brussels




Moving Worlds, Luxembourg
2010 Rescue Igloo : Moving Worlds, Luxembourg

 Sanayeh Garden, Beirut, Liban
2016 Resistance & Persistence: Sanayeh Garden, Beirut, Liban









Centre D
Calypso 2014: Centre D'Art les Brasseurs Liège



Duo show with Olivier Bovy
2016 Galerie Juvenale: Duo show with Olivier Bovy


Rescapés 2016 

PARTcours : Wolluwé-Saint-Pierre




Black 2016 

Kunst Moment, Netherlands
Lifejacket for 2 2010: Kunst Moment, Netherlands




I Fail Good, Brussels
Emergency 2012: I Fail Good, Brussels







PARCours 2014: Wolluwé-Saint-Pierre

Museum Da fundatie, Netherlands
Batonium 2012: Museum Da fundatie, Netherlands




Bruxelles-les-Bains, canal BXL
Batomium 2010: Bruxelles-les-Bains, canal BXL





PARCours Wolluwé-Saint-Pierre
Noeud de Carrick 2010: PARCours Wolluwé-Saint-Pierre

Echelle, 2013: Intervention



Fernelmont Contemporary Art
Nuclear, 2010: Fernelmont Contemporary Art



Kunst Moment, Netherlands
Cover, 2010: Kunst Moment, Netherlands